Our Story

Original, unique and handmade – that’s what makes us excited at The Twinning Company!

We love beautiful, hip products, yet our vision goes a little further than this! We are looking for the story behind the product and as Twinning we would like to offer a stage for this.

“Handmade is wellmade”

As Twinning Company, we keep our footprint as small as possible and we want to make our handprint as large as we can. Men and women all over the world use their hands to create the most beautiful sustainable products and as Twinning Company we would like to draw attention to them. All our products are all lovingly handmade. For example, each plate is carefully painted by hand and each candle is artfully formed by hand. In addition, the products are made with respect for the environment, under good conditions and the employees receive a fair price. The craftsmanship of the men and women connects us to their story and makes a difference in their lives.


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Pottery - Tunisia
Olive wood - Tunisia
Candles - Indonesia
greeting cards - Kenya
Glass - Zanzibar

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