Olive wood from Tunisia


Mounir is one of about 50 people who work for the company that makes functional and decorative products from olive wood. He has been doing it for several years and is getting pretty good at it. The wood used comes from olive trees that no longer produce olives. For each olive tree that is cut down, a new one is planted back, so that it will ensure olive production in a few years’ time. Mounir works with a group of men and women who are grateful to have steady work and income. The economy in Tunisia is weak and making ends meet is difficult.


Mounir, like the other men, deals with the processing and storage of the wood. The wood entering should dry gradually to avoid cracking. Almost everything is used in making the products, so that nothing is lost. With a saw, the correct shape is made and further processed with a gouge, grinder, grater or lathe. Soon the beautiful products of olive wood such as cutting boards, bowls, bowls, spoons or vases arise.


Then it ends up with Samira. She and the other women ensure that the product looks excellent. She polishes the wood and greases it with wax. When this is done, the products are checked and packed again. In short, a beautiful natural product made with skilled hands.


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